Technical Support Engineer (Speak Chinese) 305

Job Type Full Time
Job Function Technician-Industrial
Position Level Fresh/Entry Level
Year of Experience < 2 years
Qualification Bachelor's Degree
Preferred Gender Any Gender
Age 18 - 50 year old
Working Day 5 (1/2)-day work/week
Working Hour Office Hour
Location Phnom Penh
Contract Duration
Posted Date 21 Apr 2021
Salary Offered

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• Provide IT support to customer, mainly related to internet service
• 主要面对互联网客户与提供IT技术支援
• Assist troubleshooting of networks, internet connectivity at customer site or within the company
• 辅助解决公司内部及客户网络连接问题
• Install, configure, and maintain internet connection, network cabling, and other related equipment, and devices, add or upgrade hardware and software, and configures wireless access point, router with wireless and related equipment
• 安装、设置、维护网络设置及其连接,布线,增减、升级软硬件;设置无线网络,路由器及其相关设备
• Implement network security and provide technical support to customer, anti-virus updates, managing host security and other related PCs.
• 为客户配置网络安全及提供技术支援,例如防毒软件更新,服务器和相关主机安全设置等。
• Configure e-mail client and provide technical support for our customer (Anti-Virus, Spam protection and scanning, and other related e-mail)
• 设置客户端电邮并提供相关支持。(防毒软件,垃圾邮件过滤与扫描等电子邮件服务)
• Travel to customer site to install/configure modem/device & solve other related internet issues
• 到客户处安装/设置modem等设备,并解决相关连接问题
• Customers’ site survey and draw diagram, included laying cable
• 客户现场探测,并提供布线方案图
• POP maintenance
• 端点维护
• Bachelor Degree of IT or related field is required. Undergraduate is also welcome
• IT或者相关专业本科学历,实习生亦可
• Technical knowledge & skills in setting up network and connectivity infrastructures & e-mail
• 具备网络设置、连接和电邮配置相关知识
• Knowledge of TCP/IP, WAN, LAN, ADSL, DNS Networking, Cisco Router and Switch.
• 了解TCP/IP, WAN, LAN, ADSL, DNS网络连接,Cisco路由器和交换机功能
• Good spoken English and Chinese
• 流利的英语与华语
• Chinese Nationality is encouraged to apply
• 中国国籍可申请
• Be able to travel and stay in other provinces
• 可出差与居住在所需的省份
• Loyalty, honesty, patient work, positive aptitude
• 忠诚、诚实、有耐性、积极主动
• Be willing to support as needed.
• 愿意根据需要提供支持
Company Name MekongNet
Industry Telecomunication
Location AnAnA Building: # 95, 3th Floor, Preah Norodom Blvd., Phnom Penh,Phnom Penh
Contact Person
Contact Number 081 831 516 / 061 226 648
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