About us

About Us:

Slapaka is a human resource consulting company located in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Slapaka’s professional team has expertise in a wide range of HR areas and is targeting the emerging company market. Slapaka will destroy the job seeker and employer Barrier by providing an online job platform to ensure that they will meet their satisfaction need.

Our future ambition is to build up the company reputation and client’s mindset that:
- Any time they need find a job or employee, slapaka.com is the first online job platform for them
- Any time they need HR Services, Slapaka HR is the priority job consultant company.
Keys to Success
- Providing quality and trust job platform
- High tech system
- Effective of HR Service
- Special deal with the combination services
- Competitive pricing

Business Mission & Vision
- Mission:
- Slapaka’s mission is to facilitate between job seekers and employers by providing a reliable and convenience online job platform to meet the applicant jobs/careers objective and the company employment needs.
- Providing professional HR Consulting Services and evolving Recruitment Solutions that help our customers become more productive and profitable.
- Vision
- Slapaka’s vision is to be recognized as an impactful, innovative and efficient HR Consulting partner. Through our One-Stop HR Shop we are you Professional HR Partner!